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Rick Scott Declines to Endorse

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According to reports Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott has declined to make an endorsement in the suddenly heated fight for the Republican Nomination.  As recently as Sunday, The New York Times reported that Gov. Scott was disinclined to endorse, but had been approached by three of the four candidates.  The three candidates who approached Gov. Scott seeking his endorsement were not identified. However, there is evidence that an endorsement from Gov. Scott would not be welcome. Gov. Scott’s recent approval ratings have hovered between 26 and 33 percent, the lowest of any governor in the country.

In a recent PPP Poll of likely Republican voters in Florida, only 12 percent of those surveyed were more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by Gov. Scott while 41 percent were less likely to vote for a Scott-endorsed candidate.  By comparison, 16 percent of likely voters surveyed were more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by the Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow,  a former University of Florida quarterback.

On Monday, an ad was released by the America Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) which literally morphs Mitt Romney into Rick Scott.

AFSCME describes the video on YouTube as an “AFSCME Independent Expenditure Ad Covering Mitt Romney’s Record as a Director of the Damon Corporation.”

Would Rick Scott’s endorsement have benefited his chosen candidate? The answer is likely no.


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January 24, 2012 at 12:38 PM

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To Catch a Thief (Updated!)

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On Sunday, Sarah Palin made some awesome tweets. I mean they were AMAZING! In a bit of top notch awesomeness, Sarah compared herself to William Shakespeare. I called myself being nice by taking a screen cap of my tweetdeck column called “CrazyTrain” where Sister Sarah lives and tweets without interruption with her wild friends. I thought things were awesome until I started seeing tweets asking people to attribute my photo to my account. Surely no one would take my picture and not leave my name on it. Right? RIGHT!?! I mean who would use a picture that clearly came from my computer without attribution? I’ll tell you who: Teresa Kopec.

I blocked this woman on twitter forever and a day ago because I just didn’t like her. There was nothing about her words that added value to my life so I said goodbye. However, I have seen people retweet her and have never thought, “Oh, I know, I will retweet her work and remove her name.” Clearly, this is not the way Teresa rolls. The following is a visual account. You be the judge. She responded to the complaints by saying “oh it was unintentional.” But I ask, is it unintentional when you have been told of an issue and you refuse to acknowledge your mistake? Her unintentional actions seem similar to those of BP. They were told over and over again that something was wrong with the well. They ignored those complaints, then when the well blew they framed it as a terrible accident. Hmm.

My point is this: Don’t take someone’s ideas, thoughts, photos, etc. and not attribute. It’s wrong and it shows a lack of respect for the work of others, even if it is “just twitter.” If someone took the time to post it then you should have enough moral fortitude not to take their work and present it as something other than their work. To steal someone’s work is akin to stealing their thoughts and I can’t sit idly by while someone plays thought thief.

This is my original post:

Apparently, Teresa Kopec was trying to figure out what was going on so HBK112 helped her out by sending this:

So instead of Teresa Kopec Retweeting HBK112’s post, she removes my name:

Immediately upon seeing Teresa Kopec’s post, HBK112 sends Teresa Kopec this:

Does HBK112 get a response from Teresa Kopec? NOPE!

Lo and Behold, @LizzWinstead decides to retweet it:

This is when I see a problem. @AScottFalk sees my photo floating around twitter without my name and lets @LizzWinstead know where the twitpic originated:

Here Lizz Winstead responds, noting that it came across her feed without my name… Wonder how that happened Teresa?

After all of that, Teresa Kopec sent a pitiful excuse this morning, simply saying it was “unintentional.” After reviewing all of the tweets, I fail to see how you could unintentionally delete someone’s name from their work. Be wary my friends.

NOTE: At the time of this post I have not received an apology from Teresa. Nor has she publicly stated that she made a mistake.

Update: Teresa Kopec’s Apology:

I apologized to HBK this morning when I saw her tweet and to you thru Prof. Kelley. It was inadvertent and I did not remove your name from the twitpic or alter it in any way. Nor did I indicate in any way, shape or form it was my own work. I did not apologize to you directly since we blocked one another and you would not have seen it.

But clearly I am History’s Greatest Monster and am hanging my head in shame.

She hasn’t explained why she removed my name. Even with her comments to the HBK post, she had room to leave my name. But it is a start. So bravo Teresa for admitting you were wrong, but I really wish you would explain why you chose to do it in the first place. I’ve seen it happen many times and it never makes sense. Why take something and leave off the original artist, author, etc.?

By the way: I never called you a monster, I simply made note of your actions.

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July 19, 2010 at 2:36 PM

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Pretend You Are Talking To An Equal, More Clearly, A Man

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I never really considered myself a true feminist. I care deeply about issues specific to women, but I just never really fit the mold. I’ve got other issues that I have chosen to champion over the years. I believe that is about to change. After viewing a portion of the 12/2/2009 White House Press Conference between April Ryan and Robert Gibbs, I think I may be moving toward a personal rendition of I Am Woman.

Excuse me? Just calm down and take a deep breath? I tell my son that all of the time? My first thought was, is this some fake Robert Gibbs? He’s the White House Press Secretary for “THE OBAMA!!!”
There have been heated exchanges in the White House briefing room before but I have never seen Gibbsy talk down to one of the members of the WH Press Corps in that manner. He treated her as if she were a petulant child and hasn’t been called to the carpet on his behavior.
Granted the question was a bit ridiculous, she should have focused on the real issue, “Why was Desiree Rodgers walking the press line at a state dinner when she is the White House Social Secretary and her responsibility was as an event planner. There was a security failure at the event and her responsibilities for the evening included making sure there were no failures. Therefore she failed. How does the White House intend to deal with the aforementioned failure?” There April, that is the question you should have asked, perhaps you can ask that instead of some nonsense about Desiree Rodgers outshining the First Lady.
Where are April Ryan’s colleagues in the White House Press Corps? Why do they seem so eerily quiet about blatant sexism? Some stood up for Fox News when the White House made the accurate declaration that Fox News is not a news organization. They screamed and howled saying the White House has no place making those determinations. HOW DARE THEY!!!! Oh Fox News is a “sister news organization” they deserve to be treated as any other news organization. I disagree but whateves man, not my battle for the day.
I sincerely want to know why no one has said, Mr. Gibbs, April Ryan is our colleague and you spoke to her as though she were a child throwing a tantrum, this is wrong. Actually, I believe I know exactly why they have remained irritatingly silent. April Ryan is a woman. Gibbs was simply trying to calm a woman in the throws of a hissy fit. Yes, I realize that determination makes complete sense and is totally rational. Feel free to call me a genius at any time. This is the same White House Press Corps that made a story out of Presidential golf being an all male activity.
So, if no one else will stand up for April Ryan, I will.

Mr. Gibbs,

You were terribly wrong in your treatment of April Ryan. While Ms. Ryan’s question may have been terribly misguided, she had the right to ask the question and be treated with dignity and respect. She did not deserve to be patronized, interrupted and finally told to calm down as if she were a child who has no control over her emotions. Such blatant disrespect should not have a home in the White House during this administration. I am disappointed in your behavior and hope that in the future you will consider rethinking your responses. If you must, excuse her gender for a moment and pretend you are talking to an equal, more clearly, a man.
P.S. A pretty pink tie does not excuse bad behavior.


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December 4, 2009 at 9:24 AM

They Weren’t Angry Till Chairman Mao Took Away Their Twitter

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President Obama left for what was to be a whirlwind tour of Asia making stops in Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea.  Every major news organization sent their White House Correspondents along to file reports and keep Americans abreast of what has become the most uninteresting Presidential trip ever.  Yes, The Obama went to the APEC convention.  Yes, something relatively benign was reported.  Yes, nobody really cared.

All was going well.  Why it was such a blissful trip, Jake Tapper of ABC News was tweeting things like this,

a myna bird was pickin at my breakfast the waitress said myna birds are “very naughty.”

Obviously, this is trip while important, wasn’t an earth shattering event.  Why should it be?  They are traveling with “No Drama, Obama.”

Major Garrett of Fox News has spent copious amounts of time tweeting photographs with his new Nikon D-40.  I’m not gonna lie, he has taken some very nice photographs.  His twitter stream is a great ad campaign for Nikon’s entry level DSLR.  They should pay him.

Then, Jim Long who I believe is an NBC camera operator made an ominous tweet as they left Singapore and headed for Shanghai,

It occurs to me that I may be off the grid for a couple of days cuz of China’s Internet restrictions. You kids play nice if I disappear 🙂

And with that, it took exactly the amount of time needed to fly from Singapore to Shanghai for twitter to see just how rowdy American’s can be when you take away their freedom.  By freedom I mean access to Twitter and Facebook.

When they reached Shanghai, Jim Long sent this tweet:

Wheels down Shanghai.

Moments later Major Garrett drops a weather tweet:

hello from Shanghai. pouring rain and just after midnight

Jake Tapper then sends a similar tweet:

shanghai tweet. pouring rain as we roll to the workspace –

What have we learned?  If you said, “it was raining in Shanghai when they arrived.” You win a gold star.  You can’t really complain about weather tweets, everybody does it and it usually has something to do with rain and or snow.  People don’t like rain and snow so they show their displeasure by telling everybody about it.  It is what it is.

The first grumblings of firewall issues and censorship came from Jake Tapper with this tweet:

tweeting from china despite censors BOO-YAH!

I thought hmm, I don’t think China’s going down that easily, but I’m not there so maybe they’ve changed.  Who knows?  Then I see a tweet from Ed Henry of CNN which was a little more telling,

friends thought Twitter would be blocked in China but it seems working. however …

Next up Ed Henry ponders with this tweet:

now tell me why hotel “security” has two nice gentlemen waiting at elevator with earpieces when i arrive at my hotel floor?

While Ed Henry just has questions, Time’s Michael Scherer has hit def con three and is busy channeling his inner Omar Little with this tweet:

Serious Chinese KGB types in lobby of President’s hotel. Not fan of these authoritarian-type nations. You wanna stare me down? For what?

Yes, thats right, Time’s WH Correspondent goes hard like Lil’ Wayne on his way to the clink. You’d think that would be the last of it, but no. NBC’s Chuck Todd appears to believe he’s tweeting into space here:

Welcome to China! Both Twitter and Facebook are blocked here. Will do my best to update via other methods.

and here:

For anyone who has my email address, reply to me if you see this message on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Sadly, this trip into China ended Major Garrett’s Photographic Tour of Asia. His tweets were almost enough to make you feel sorry for the poor Fox News Correspondent being held down by the big mean Chinese. His tweet:

interesting.can tweet off b-berry, but laptop, which has net running, won’t give me twitter or tweetdeck

cld be operator error – always possible w/me – but i suspect chinese meddling w/hotel internet link

and finally,

good news for photo haters – can’t upload now. maybe later.

Apparently someone told Chuck Todd that indeed they could see his tweets and he seemed to calm down for a bit. The calm didn’t last long as Jake Tapper, WH Correspondent/Freedom Rider chimed in on the tragedy as well with this tweet:

i can access twitter on my bberry here in china, but not on my laptop. same with facebook. it’s appalling, really. not for me – for Ch ppl

Yes, I’m sure the tragedy of life without Twitter and Facebook is akin to being bound and permanently gagged. No really.

For a while things settled down a bit because Obama held a town hall with Shanghai Students. The tweets during the Town Hall were less than interesting because the Town Hall was less than interesting, however after the Town Hall, Communism, censorship, and perceived haterade came roaring back to attack the press corps again. Chuck Todd was the first to cry havoc in 140 or less with this tweet:

NBC has been prevented from interviewing Chinese students attending town hall. We got one done and then Chinese “officials” stepped in.

Then again Jake Tapper notes the pure evils of finding his blog inaccessible:

i covered Obama praising internet freedom (http://bit.ly/4qmMM7) and the Chinese govt has blocked access to my blog. cannot access on laptop

And then in what has got to be a moment of sheer frustration coupled with a deep love of John Ashcroft’s greatest hit “Let the Eagle Soar,” Tapper in ALL CAPS decries:


So this is why the caged bird sings. An inability to tweet, blog, and use facebook. Sing on caged bird, sing on.

While the eagle was soaring from rocky coasts to golden shores, Phil Elliott from the AP interrupted his freedom flight and was quickly handled with this retort:

@PElliottAP they censor my blog, i protest, and you accuse me of picking fights? wow.

But the Eagle had no time to deal with petty questions, he was soaring, blogging and tweeting. With that, the next bit of devastating news:

turns out all of abc news blogs are blocked by Chinese govt —

In a later tweet the blogging freedom eagle found it necessary to taunt those holding him captive in his media cage with this:

hey Chinese government – i found a way to sneak around your firewall on my laptop to get to twitter. Dont fear freedom, Chinese government.

I’m sure there will be more freedom fighting, blogging eagles, and ride or die hysterics today, but this was just a sampling of the pure comedy coming out of my Journalists list. Straight jokes my friends. Straight JOKES!

As a post script I would like to note that I have been contacted by one of the journalists mentioned in this post and would like to acknowledge their reporting on human rights abuses world-wide.

Coming soon: I am working on my post concerning my trip to the teabagger rally, but this was mad hilarious and had to be shared.

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November 17, 2009 at 7:40 AM

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Mother Says So Many Things…

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Two little southern girls were playing dressup in their mommies clothes.  After they were positive they were dressed like ladies, they headed to the local pharmacy/malt shop.
The pharmacist came over and asked them, “what would you fine ladies like?”
The first girl said, “oh i’ll have an egg cream, Mother says they are so refreshing.”
The pharmacist then turned to the other little girl and said, “and what would you like?”
The second little girl responded, “oh, I’ll have a douche, Mother says they are so refreshing.”

-Author Unknown

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The Khaki Skirt from Hell

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Found an old post on my Myspace Blog and it’s still priceless.

Originally written October 14,2007

Today I took a gander at an old Lucky Magazine which had to be from the summer because it was filled with wonderful summery gauze shirts and flowy skirts.  While reading I couldn’t help but think about this girl I once knew and her “sexy” skirt which was really a hag rag.

I could tell she loved the skirt.   Whenever she wore it she always walked a little taller and used her patented “I think I’m sexy” walk that really just looked like an awkward gaunt for the socially inept, but I digress.  She was caucasian and the skirt was about two shades darker than her skin tone.  Basically it blended in, but badly.

After watching her rock this monstrosity one too many times, I decided that it was time for me to tell her that the skirt was horrible and she should look into getting some other “sexy” skirt because it was making me ill.

Before continuing, I should describe her wardrobe.  Basically it was filled with clothing that was ill fitting and unflattering.  I say this with all the kindness I can muster, it all looked cheap.  Not that one needs to spend spend spend to have nice clothing, but honestly, this shit looked as though she made one too many trips to clearance rack at J.C. Penney after all of the relatively decent shit was long gone.  Also, I’d like to point out that her clothes weren’t actually cheap, she just made them look cheap.  There’s something about her that could make a Carolina Herrera gown look like she got it from Rainbow.  She’s just got the cheap vibe.

So, one day she calls and says “lets go shopping.”  I thought to myself, “this is perfect, I can tell her and we can replace it all in the same day and she won’t get angry!”  WRONG!  She tells me that she’s going to pick me up.  So I get to her car and what does she have on?  Tada!  That damn skank skirt!  My response, “aww damn!”

Fast forward a few months, we’ve stopped speaking over several things, I think subconsciously that skirt was included.  I went out one night and guess who slinks in?  You guess it!  Now, for the best part, SHE’S WEARING THAT DAMN SKIRT!  I almost cried.  It was like the skirt was following me.  I couldn’t get away from the Khaki, I just knew that skirt would be the last fucking thing I saw before I died.

Needless to say, the skirt is gone now, but I’m always vigilant.  One day, the skirt and the skank may reappear to ruin one more moment of my precious life.

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I want my America back…

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My life has been one awesome win after another.  If you want to meet someone made of Teflon, look no further than me.  I am an only child, I laugh at everything, and I honestly believe I can do anything.  Hell, I play three instruments and I’ve won awards for each one.  I’ve got a lovely liberal arts degree written in Latin, and a Juris Doctor.  I like to think of it as fucking over my cousins, one accomplishment at a time.  However, I have recently come to shocking realization that some people do not see Queen Shit when they look at me.  They see something I previously would not have considered, they just see my race.

I was born at the very end of 1979, by that I mean I was a month and a few days old at the dawn of the 80’s.  I think I was born just a bit too late to experience any of the real social changes in America.  I grew up during the time of excess and hair bands.  I was seven when Guns ‘n’ Roses hit the scene.  Yes, seven!  By the time the 90’s rolled around I was completely in love with Alice in Chains and oddly SWV.  Race and cultural constructs weren’t on my radar.  I was busy listening to “Weak” and “Them Bones.”

So I grew up, went to a women’s college and became very involved in the Political discourse.  Looking back on that time, I was so passionate about making the world a better place.  I wanted so badly to have some impact.  I joined the Young Democrats, I interned on a Congressional Campaign, and I even started the first ACLU Campus Organization in Georgia.  My parents thought it was cute, I don’t think the administration at my College thought it was cute at all.  Whatever, I was down for the cause, whatever that cause may have been.

Fast forward a few years, my fire is not nearly as hot.  I took a trip to Law School.  If you are an idealist I warn you now, KEEP YOUR ASS OUT OF LAW SCHOOL.  The most important lesson you learn is that humanity will never bend to the will of the right and just.  Law School has one purpose, to teach you how to think.  They don’t spend time teaching you how to be a lawyer; they spend time teaching you how to think like a lawyer.  My personal experience has taught me that thinking like a lawyer and being an idealist is an exercise in constant disappointment.  Before I was trained to “think like a lawyer” the plight of the disenfranchised bothered me, but I always saw opportunity in the prospect of righting the wrongs and generally being your brother’s keeper.  I was raised to believe that you are responsible for the plight of everyman and if you can do something to help, you should.

And then there was Obama.  This man came out swinging!  He offered up the very things I believed in and said we can have them all.  Yes we can!  I was in rapture.  Then he won!  The whole nation was riding high on the Obama.  Yes “the” Obama.  He was such an awesome power he deserves an article in front of his name.  I cried my eyes out on January 20th, nobody could talk to me.  All of a sudden, the impossible seemed possible.

The following months were fantastic.  The Obama could do anything.  What’s that, the economy is still falling apart, Obama can fix it.  Obama can fix anything.  Word on the street, Obama fixed global warming by rigging a giant air conditioner.  He can do anything and make you feel good helping him do it.  Brother can you spare a $5 is no longer for crackheads looking to score a rock, it’s for sending money to whatever the hell keeps emailing me because I am helping The Obama!  Yes sir, America the beautiful indeed.  Then Obama says it’s time to fix health care.

When the first rumblings about health care started trickling down, I thought, oh these haters need to chill, everybody can’t hitch a ride to Cuba with Michael Moore.  I figured, like everything else, The Obama would come through with gangbusters and in two weeks the whole country would be rollin’ like me with an Aetna PPO plan.  Yep, Obama handles another one.  THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED!

The sane news channels started carrying clips of Glenn Beck crying.  Well he’s crazy so that’s not a big deal.  But then I start hearing about Tea Party Protesters and they are having a huge Tea Party on April 15th.  I wondered what on earth these people were protesting.  Didn’t The Obama tell these people he was only raising taxes for the top five percent of the population? I can see by the footage that none of these people are in that top five percent.  People that have more money that most nations don’t do protests.

I noticed something about these tea partiers, they had signs, but the signs had nothing to do with taxes.  They said Obama is a Socialist, and Obama is a communist and finally Obama is a Nazi Communist Socialist Fascist.  This led me to the conclusion that perhaps these people are confused.  Surely they took Civics in High School.  But the problem with these signs and complaints is that they continued.  By the Summer, not only are these people having a fit about taxes, they changed Medicare for all into Death Panels, yelling at members of congress, and the McCarthy Blacklist.

I decided to do my own investigation by going to a town hall.  For me, this was the summer of the day dress.  I can’t explain it, but I wanted to wear dresses all of the time.  So I slap on a particularly awesome yellow fifties style day dress, a cardigan and I head out to a town hall.  When I arrived there were cops and news trucks everywhere.  Well of course there were, CNN had already started a Saturday segment called Town Hall Raw.  I guess other people were interested too.  Never underestimate the power of nosey people to go above and beyond to get their information!

I stood in line forever, just waiting to get in the door.  Then finally the line starts moving.  I go into the Gym at Mundy’s Mill High School, take a seat and make sure my Blackberry has service so I can tweet the hell out of what is sure to be awesome.  Before Rep. David Scott even took the stage, the crazy started.  Organizing for America was busy handing out “Support Health Care Reform” signs and luckily I got one just as they ran out.  Then I hear a rumble.  Apparently a man one row in front of me had taken one of these precious signs and then ripped it up.  An obviously angry woman yelled at him and he started screaming “Sit down!  I can do what I want, this is still America!”

That was the beginning, no more than three minutes later I hear, “Look at that uppity nigger over there.”  I look up, because I’d never really heard someone say Nigger with venom outside of Hip Hop or a movie about the Civil Rights Movement.  This elderly white man and his shrill wife were looking dead at me.  I mean they were looking at me so hard that I thought they were going to attack.  Then the very nice former Marine sitting behind me jumped up and screamed, “What?!  Aww hell naw, who do these Po’ Cracka’s think they are talking to.”  Luckily his wife was right next to him and she yelled to me, “grab him!” So she took one arm and I took the other.  He calmed down, and so did I, but a month later I’m still disturbed.

Up until my town hall adventure, I’d never heard someone called a nigger or been called one myself.  I made it 29 years in the world believing that people weren’t racists anymore.  If they were they were in their 90’s at this point and surely on their way to hell.  So now I’m left with the question, what is this disharmony in America truly about?  After seeing the anger and rage up close, I’m left with two conclusions.

The first conclusion is that the gullible and vulnerable have been preyed upon by those who wish to regain their majority.  These people get their information from one source which has an interest in the undermining of the current administration.  They are being told that The Obama is not fantastic; he’s the communist Truman promised to keep at bay.  He’s the face of the Bolshevik Army your parents told you would eat your babies and to top it all off, he’s Black.  Surprisingly, there are places in America where races do not coexist.  They are still segregated and therefore someone who is from the other is mysterious and not to be trusted.

The second conclusion is that these same gullible and vulnerable people are afraid and when people are afraid they cling to their most basic beliefs.  One of those beliefs is that an African American cannot be the president of the United States without simultaneously taking from them and giving to his own race.  I believe this current upswing in what looks like racism is more related to fear.  These people are afraid of losing something that they don’t have.  Sadly, they are the very people who would benefit from the reforms.

Finally, I am still an idealist which is likely why I am always disappointed.  I am convinced that the majority of these people are not racists.  I believe that these protests have given those who do hold racism near and dear to their hearts a forum and with that forum they have taken the lead.  Now all that the world is seeing is the worst that America has to offer.  The vile and the deplorable have taken over the debate in what should have been a nationwide exercise in civil discourse.  So, to quote one of the angry town hall participants, I want my America back.

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