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Rick Scott Declines to Endorse

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According to reports Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott has declined to make an endorsement in the suddenly heated fight for the Republican Nomination.  As recently as Sunday, The New York Times reported that Gov. Scott was disinclined to endorse, but had been approached by three of the four candidates.  The three candidates who approached Gov. Scott seeking his endorsement were not identified. However, there is evidence that an endorsement from Gov. Scott would not be welcome. Gov. Scott’s recent approval ratings have hovered between 26 and 33 percent, the lowest of any governor in the country.

In a recent PPP Poll of likely Republican voters in Florida, only 12 percent of those surveyed were more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by Gov. Scott while 41 percent were less likely to vote for a Scott-endorsed candidate.  By comparison, 16 percent of likely voters surveyed were more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by the Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow,  a former University of Florida quarterback.

On Monday, an ad was released by the America Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) which literally morphs Mitt Romney into Rick Scott.

AFSCME describes the video on YouTube as an “AFSCME Independent Expenditure Ad Covering Mitt Romney’s Record as a Director of the Damon Corporation.”

Would Rick Scott’s endorsement have benefited his chosen candidate? The answer is likely no.


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January 24, 2012 at 12:38 PM

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